About Middelkerke

Middelkerke-Westende is the ideal coastal town for a beach holiday with the whole family. Walking through the wonderful Warande dunes or enjoying the beautiful sea and the wide beach; what more could you want? But culture lovers are also in their element, with magnificent heritage sites and museums that make you nostalgic for the beach holidays of yesteryear…

Not to be missed

Villa Les Zéphyrs

Breathe in the atmosphere and elegance of yesteryear at Villa Les Zéphyrs, a listed villa from the inter-war period. Also worth a visit: the Kusthistories museum, about the history of coastal tourism.


Listen to the murmur of the sea with Ivars Drulle’s “I can hear it” construction. You can also walk past Wim Delvoye’s impressive sculpture “Caterpillars#5 bis” on the dike.

The Warande Tower

With its long curved blades, referring to the typical marram grass, the Warande Tower has a striking and slender appearance. From the base (7 metres) you have a beautiful view of the Warande dunes, a very valuable nature reserve with special plants and animals. Those who climb to the top (20 metres) can gaze at the horizon like a sailor in his crow’s nest.

Swimming pool, fitness, wellness

Vita Krokodiel is the ideal place for sport and water recreation. More information.


Playing golf and walking from hole to hole with the sea at your back. This is possible on the coast in Middelkerke-Westende.

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